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Make Fox Veterinary Services your First Choice for Vet Care

Fox Veterinary Services is dedicated to providing your large and small animals with outstanding veterinary care to ensure they live long and healthy lives. Whether you own a farm with livestock or you have a hobby farm with half of Noah’s Ark, we are thrilled to help animals of all sizes.

We have our office in Dripping Springs, TX where we deliver top-notch care for your animals. We know bringing your animals to a veterinary clinic isn’t always possible. That’s why we provide many of our services on-site at your farm or home. Highly trained and knowledgeable, Dr. Fox can perform dental services and teeth floats to blood work, Coggins, hoof trims, dehorning, and more.

Small Animals

There are some things that freak meowt, but a feral kitten isn’t one of them. Bring your small animals to our new office location in Dripping Springs, TX, or schedule an appointment for Dr. Fox to come to you. We know that small animals can be just as challenging to take into the vet as large animals. Dr. Fox has the experience, patience, and demeanor to help your small animals in the comfort of your home. From birth to our beloved pet’s final departure, Dr. Fox provides kind and gentle care that you can depend on.

We’ll only suggest the most beneficial and feasible treatments for your animals. We care about you and your pets, which is why we will always give you a straightforward and honest diagnosis. Honoring your choice for your animals is our priority.

Dr. Fox is USDA certified to write international health certificates.

Service Cats Dogs
Parasite Screens
Heartworm and Parasite Preventatives
Outside Lab Testing
Health Certificate
End of Life Care
In-House Lab Testing
Dental Cleanings
Sick Visits

Large Animals

Large and small animals require the same routine care. However, your cows, sheep, and horses can’t hop into the back of your pickup! On-site veterinary services are an absolute must and make it easy for you to get your herd the care they need right on your farm. From dental services and ultrasounds to vaccinations, Dr. Fox is dedicated to providing the veterinary care your large animals need at your location. The wellbeing of your herd is of utmost importance, and our top priority. Whether your home or farm is in Austin, Dripping Springs, Buda, Driftwood, Henley, or Wimberley, we can come to you.

Dr. Fox is USDA certified to write international health certificates.

Service Cows Horses/Donkeys Sheep/Goats Pigs Llamas/Alpacas
Sick Exams
Outside Lab Testing
Dental Exams and Teeth Floats
Colic Exams
Health Certificates
Hoof Trims
Brucellosis (“Bangs”) Vaccine and Testing
Pregnancy Determination – Palpation
Bull Fertility Testing
Bull Trich Testing
TB Testing
Dystocia (“Calf Pulls”)
Prolapse Repair