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Are You Using Our Online Pharmacy Yet?

One of the main reasons reputable veterinary pharmaceutical companies want their drugs distributed by a veterinarian, and not a third party, is to ensure that a proper veterinary-client-patient relationship is maintained. This prevents products from being misused or prescribed inappropriately. When a medication is prescribed for your pet, it means your veterinarian has made a decision that the medication is indicated to treat your pet’s specific health issue. Many prescription drugs are effective only for certain problems and could be harmful for your pet if used without a veterinary examination and diagnosis.

However, many pet owners have begun seeking lower prices for medications needed by their pets through the use of miscellaneous online pet pharmacies. The best way to assure that the medication you purchase is safe, has been stored properly, and is genuine and not expired, is to purchase the medication directly from your veterinarian. The products we sell through our online pharmacy, My Vet Store Online, meet all of these criteria and are competitively priced for our clients, eliminating the need for them to search out and perhaps be scammed by one of the less than legitimate online pharmacies that are currently operating.

We have found our online pharmacy to be helpful to our rural clients who cannot drive in for every refill. Medications and food can be set up on auto-ship. Another value-added benefit for clients is in time management, where orders can be placed late at night or after clinic hours. It is important to realize however, that to maintain a veterinarian-client-patient relationship your veterinarian must see your pet regularly. If your pet is on a prescription medicine, your veterinarian will need to reexamine, check blood work or perform other tests to monitor your pet’s response to treatment and determine whether the medication or dosing needs to be adjusted.

Purchasing your pet’s medications from a reliable source with knowledge of your pet’s medical history is an added benefit to maintaining the important veterinarian-client-patient relationship that is critical to your pet’s continued well-being.